Lalit Modi expects IPL franchisees to break even

Even as contradictory reports come in regarding the profits or losses made by various IPL franchisees, the IPL Chairman & commissioner Lalit Modi has said it is also early to talk of losses since the numbers for the 2nd edition that was held in South Africa have yet to be worked out.

Lalit ModiIn an conference to the Hindustan Times, Modi said, "It's too soon to say that the franchisees are making losses yet. Unless we give them the numbers, how can they say that they have incurred losses?"

Modi was also positive about the franchisees making profits soon, and even said some of them would have done so this year itself.

"This year most of them will break even. They say they won't, by their estimated calculations. Then they definitely will in a three-four year period. In any case, we have certain them that we will cover them for this in the first few years."

Modi also protected the pricing of $250 million for a new team in the 2011 season against accusations that it was impractical, saying "It's definitely most realistic, and in fact, will be in the $250 to $300 million range."

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