Twenty20 has rendered ODI irrelevant: Warne

T20 has rendered one-day cricket inappropriate and the 50-over format should be done away with, according to spin great Shane Warne.

"I'll say it again; one-day cricket should go. It has evolved into T20," said the Australian star, asserting the game would be better off with just two formats.

"Cricket only wants two forms of the game. Something needs to be done about scheduling: it's been going on for too long," Warne wrote in his column for 'Herald Sun'.

The leg-spinner, who led Rajasthan Royals to a legend triumph in the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League, remains a halt supporter of the T20 format and believes one-dayers simply has no business in the international calendar.

Shane Warne was equally critical of Australia's post-Ashes schedule which pits them against the same English side for a 7-match ODI series.

"Unfortunately, Australia now plays a series of ludicrous limited-overs matches against England, and then more one-dayers in South Africa & India, before the next Test in Brisbane in November.

"It is a joke that any international team has to play 7 ODIs after a 5-Test series against the same team," Warne said.

"There are only 9 Tests between now and the next Ashes series in Australia at the end of next year, but a ridiculous number of one-day cricket in the same era," he added.

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  1. Whilst I agree that the scheduling of seven irrelevant ODI between England and Australia was ludicrous the World Cup proved that ODI cricket is alive and well. T20 cricket will go the same way if scheduling was done in the same way. I have been watching the IPL and think it is a boring and irrelevant competition. It has been watered down with extra teams(Sorry, franchises)and now unknown Australian no-hopers are playing. I was under the impression that this competition was supposed to showcase the best cricketers in the world rather than old players past their prime or unknowns from around the world. Oops, not the world, as there are no Pakistani players allowed to play. It seems that this is purely a commercial venture that exploits the millions of Indian cricket lovers who seem to love it but are being conned. It goes on far too long as did the ODI World Cup. I give it ten years maximum before people get thoroughly sick of it. I'm not surpised that Warne has this opinion as this is the only thing making him money at the moment, that and hair weave products.