McCullum almost quit NZ team for the IPL

Brendon McCullum reveals that he nearly turned his back on the country to entrust to an entire season of the IPL, before he changed his mind while on holiday in Fiji. The star NZ keeper & batsman made the revelations in his book Inside T20, co-authored by journalist Dylan Cleaver. In the book, he mentions the crash that the Indian Twenty20 league had on his psyche.

"I felt I had some unfinished business in the 2nd season of the IPL. However, the fact that the tournament did not go according to expectations did not sit well with me. I desperately wanted to turn it around," McCullum wrote.

"I must admit I came really close to not playing for NZ. I went to Fiji for a holiday with my wife and I had a long hard look regarding the cricket that I have to play.

McCullum said that the whole issue of whether he should sign or not sign with NZ cricket misty his thoughts during this period. He said that he had to give something up to understand it and he chose not to give up his full and total commitment to New Zealand.

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