AirTel CLT20 2010 will bring focus back on cricket

The CLT20 which is planned to start on Friday will let cricket aficionados move the focus back to cricket and move away from the ongoing spot fixing saga.

Australian Faster Shaun Tait who will represent the South Australian Redbacks said the 'spot-fixing' damaged the repute of the game and CLT20 2010 will be welcomed by fans as a much needed break.

"It is good time for this tournament to happen because cricket will be moving forward. People will at last get to see a spirited tournament rather than look at the garbage going on in England," he said on Tuesday referring to the 'spot-fixing' reports.

"The tournament is happening at the perfect time because it will shift the focus back on cricket," added Tait.

West Indian all-rounder Kieron Pollard also seconded taits view that CLT20 brings chance to regain spectators' faith in the game.

"I don't want to speak on the topic because I am not involved in it and so far in my career nothing like this happened. The most we can do at this moment is play competitive, hard and fair cricket whenever we get on to the field be it CLT20 or in international matches," said Pollard.

JP Duminy expressed sympathy for promising left-arm pacer Mohamad Aamir but also added that players should be very careful and aware when it comes to match-fixing.

"It is a pity that such serious and big allegations have come into cricket. But personally, I always try to keep myself miles away from all these things. For a cricketer it's about saying right things at the right time and remaining extra careful," the left-hander said.

"I feel for Aamir. It is a pity to be in this position, especially in this young age. I hope he comes out clean and enjoy a long career," added Duminy, who will turn out for Mumbai Indians in CLT20.

JP Duminy and Kieron Pollard of Mumbai Indians will face Tait of the Redbacks on the 14th.

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