No match-fixing in 3rd IPL 2010: Paul Condon

Outgoing ICC Anti-Corruption chief Paul Condon said he had no evidence to propose there had been any fraud in the 3rd edition of the IPL.

"3rd IPL from a clean cricket point of view seems to have been a very clean event," Paul Condon told a news conference at Lord's.

"There were rumours and unclear allegations about match-fixing in 3rd IPL 2010."

"No one has come forward from within the Indian board or the IPL or franchises or journalists, players or team managers, anyone with any specific allegations about match-fixing in the IPL 2010. All there has been is a nonspecific rumour."

The Anti-Corruption and Security Unit did not monitor the first two IPL Twenty20 competitions. Condon, who has been in accuse of the unit since it was set up 10 years ago to deal with a match-fixing scandal which resulted in life bans for three international captains, will be succeeded by former senior British police offical Ronnie Flanagan on July 1.

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